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Our Product Range

We have been sourcing textile products since our beginnings over 50 years ago. We handle apparel items for a range of retailers and business types, as well as fabric accessories and home textile products such as bedding, curtains and towels.


We offer customised solutions to address all your product needs. What’s more, our diverse customer base and our comprehensive network of suppliers enable us to successfully source our products for all types of businesses. From multi-channel business and mid-priced retailers to discount mail order operations; our portfolio covers the entire range.

Global Collaboration

We provide a strong, global sourcing network and offer you full transparency along the supply chain. Our success is a tribute to the capabilities of our international team and their superb maintenance of relationships with both suppliers and customers alike.  Our merchandisers bring together multiple strands of customer care and are involved in the entire process.

Ideal Partnership

Otto International is a key player in a fast-paced and evolving market environment. The market demands shorter lead times, smaller quantities and enhanced productivity tools – with a heavy focus on 3D fashion technology. With this technology comes a new set of challenges. Oi is the ideal partner that can support you during this global digital transformation.

Market and competitive thinking were yesterday. Today it’s about cross-market collaboration. And that’s exactly what we can do with the bonprix Oi teams.

Jörn Otto

Vice President Sourcing and Supply Chain at bonprix

What We Offer

From idea to final product.

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Meeting our quality and social standards.

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